Metaphilosophy links #2

J. E. H. Smith: The History of Philosophy in Global Context: Three Case Studies.

C. Churinga: The never-ending death of analytic philosophy.

J. Wilson: The trolley problem problem.

D. Little: Defining the philosophy of technology.

A. Hui: In praise of aphorisms.

T. Williamson: Popular Philosophy and Populist Philosophy.

C. Churinga: On the very idea of ‘Western’ philosophy.

A. Pruss: Is it too risky to do philosophy if there is no God?

S. Chopra: What Is Philosophical Counseling? Part One: The Basics.

A. McLeod: Taking Others Seriously as Anti-Racism in Philosophy.

S. Fatima: The Case for Teaching.

A. Yap: Meeting At the River: Anti-Racism and Relationships of Solidarity.

J. Flowers: How do we support Black Philosophers in our field?

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