Metaphilosophy links #7

P. West: Pause. Reflect. Think.

H. de Cruz: In the mood for philosophy: on the importance of setting the mood for philosophical thinking.

M. Keating: In Nyāya philosophy only some debates are worth having.

M. Pigliucci: If there is pseudo-science, is there also pseudo-philosophy?

S. Evnine: Philosophy through memes.

E. Comay del Junco: Who Needs a World View?

M. Lenz: The canon as a status symbol? White men, cancel culture, and the functions of history of philosophy.

M. Lenz: The Stoic Foundations of Analytic Philosophy. On Susanne Bobzien’s groundbreaking discovery in Frege and Prantl.

Clare Moriarty, James Burton, Lewis Powell, Lisa Walters on Science Fiction and Philosophy.

E. Schliesser: Ernest Nagel’s Meta-philosophy of science (and politics).

E. Schliesser: Three Kinds of Clarity in ‘early’ Analytic (Carnap, Quine, and Nagel).

E. Schliesser: On the Polemics against Religious Philosophy in Analytic Philosophy.

M. Viola: Is there a philosophy of neuroscience?

D. Little: Does philosophy offer consolation?

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